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Are you a Dreamer or a Deceiver?

Do you have a fantasy? Dreams are generally false and negative. They trap you in dream and dream isn't a reality. Despite the fact that fantasies can give you fervor, bliss, and joy when you consider them, yet they don't keep going long. They just remain with you until your eyes are shut, when you open your eyes, they are gone and you are in reality. 

It is so terrible to have a fantasy which isn't a reality. Dreams can turn into a wellspring of interminable torment and can leave void inside you. Dreams are unfaithful; they are fierce, brutal and unforgiving on the grounds that they are transitory and leave you with only single word "I wish". Such dreams are misleading, so they are false dreams and the individuals who owe false dreams are called Deceivers. 

Deceivers have their musings around their desires which give them impermanent satisfaction however not enduring. As a general rule, they mislead themselves through false dreams. As I would like to think, a fantasy that solitary gives you brief satisfaction and long haul agony doesn't worth to have one, on the grounds that as a general rule this isn't a fantasy. Over 70% of individuals in this world are deceivers, who live incredible false dreams without understanding that they had one. 

However, a fantasy that furnishes you with durable bliss, harmony and fulfillment is called genuine dream. A genuine dream can be related to its uncommon attributes. A genuine dream is in every case huge, won't leave you and urge you to change it into the real world. It rouses you enough to actuate your super powers and direct you in good shape to give it birth inside this present reality. Individuals who gain genuine dreams are called Visionaries or Dreamers. Visionaries live, breath and feel their fantasies each second of their lives. They commit as long as they can remember to their actual dreams, take activities and take the necessary steps for them to treasure them. They are genuine sweethearts and it's really worth having a genuine dream. 

So what dream do you have? Is it genuine dream or false dream? Is it true that you are a Dreamer or a Deceiver? Consider it before it's past the point of no return. Your time begins now!

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