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Are you Happy and Motivated?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Life has become so busy at this age of technology. If we talk about an average person’s lifestyle these days, it’s usually getting up in the morning, going for work or studying, then returning, having food and sleep, and repeating. Surely, there is a kind of entertainment in our lives through social media, television, movies.

We have restricted ourselves to technologies only. Even though a person has all the luxuries of life, most people are not happy with their lives, because we have associated our happiness to worldly things. Surely, materialistic things have an instinct that you want them more and never get satisfied. It gives rise to stress, depression, and anxiety. Society has added value to it by providing a materialistic competition in our lives. We are so busy competing with others and becoming a part of this mundane world’s rat race. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t get this and end their lives with the same dilemma or by the time they realize it’s too late.

The truth of a happy and fulfilled life lies in nurturing one’s soul and not just the physical body. When we do not look after our souls, we do not feel satisfied.

How many of us are motivated or excited to get up in the morning every day? Or how many of us feel like we are living our dream lives? The reality behind no or less motivation is we are doing nothing every day. We all have our routine lives; we born, study, work, get married, have kids, and die.

Whether you are hoping to look for new job prospects or discover fun things to keep your own life fascinating, doing something that will leave you fulfilled and personally satisfied is the most desirable thing in everyone’s life.

We should be thinking of moving ourselves from doing NOTHING to doing SOMETHING. And the idea that can lead to getting you to do SOMETHING is the passion or what makes you passionate. Passion is an incredible want to achieve something.

It provides a solid foundation for building the rest of your life. A real passion will propel you, interest you, and challenge you. Often, finding your passion is tied in with rediscovering things that used to intrigue and energized you prior in your life. You can also find a passion when you learn something new.

My encouragement is to look at your daily routine and find a space for spirituality to nurture your soul and sometimes to practice or learn a skill that interests you the most. It could be your hobby, like photography, sketching, any sport, etc. It will drive consistent motivation in you, makes you fulfilled, happy, and accomplished. Who knows you will become a role model for others and positively impact others’ lives?

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